I like nippon paint because..

I like Nippon Paint because it is ‘You’...

I like you simply because..

You're ideal for me.
- All in one premium paint εїз -
We are perfect match.
As I’m a hyper-allergic person, I spend a lot of time searching product that suitable for me. Until I’ve discovered you. Then I realized that you are the one ideal for me— odorless, anti-bacterial and fungal resistant. It’s not just that, you're also durable (scrub resistant) and super duper washable even for oil-base-stain like crayon or lipstick. So convenient, all I need to do is wipe on the stain several times and..Tada! The stain vanished. Unlike my previous paint, I have to apply strong force and pressure to remove stain on it. But at the end of the day the paint was scrubbed away while the stains were still there. 

You care about my health.
– Good job ✿Air Care✿ Blobby! –
In view of widespread use of formaldehyde in many construction materials and furniture, I think it's mandatory to have something that consistently purifies the air inside my tiny room. Exhaust fan? Good, but not good enough because it requires energy. Err..does it sounds like I'm an extremely picky? Yes?? ~Ohh..can't believe my ears~ *Sigh* What can I do.. I have to. :'(  *Sobbing*  If not, I will continuously inhale the formaldehyde emission that occupied my rooms' space and worsen my asthma. Luckily I have you as my company.  Nippon Odor less Air Care, you're my best companion!

You help me reduce monthly energy usage.
Comparing itself from other competitors, it shows significant difference in the capability to reduce surface temperature. (reduced upto 5°C)
Previously during the day it’s like I’m having sauna in the house. This situation forced me to turn the air conditioner on till night fall. My electricity bill increased abruptly and drag me into a serious economical crisis. But then, it was a history.

Thanks to you for being such an effective ‘sun screen’ for my home especially when facing extreme climate or drought season. By now I’m no longer need 24/7 air cond, and save a lot of energy as well as money, for sure.

You have the same thought with me .
❁ Think green, act green. Eco-friendly paint series with no Hg & Pb added. ❁
Go green!— together we committed towards environmental wellness and protect the world we live in. Preserve it’s naturally for the next generation so that in future they don’t inherit extremely hot, unhealthy and hazardous environment. The launch of Nippon Paint Green Choice Series proves that you are really put an effort to prevent further damages of ozone layer and global warming issues.  

You are soOoo soOOoo cute!.
- Like Like Like Like -

I really really like you with all my heart. I hope you give me a chance to live with you and taking care towards each other to the end. I want you to know that I like you just the way you are but I will like you more if you 'dressed' in Pink, Apple Green and Baby Blue color. It's lovely when you in it. 
I wonder if you could coat my featured wall with these three colors. ツ

I'm a big fan of you.
So here I am..your big fan, Syuq.
Lately I always stalk a Facebook fanpage profile named Nippon Paint Blobbies. Please don’t mad at me okay. I know that page is belongs to you but I was doing that just because to keep track on your updates, that’s all. Anyway it’s not violating Facebook T&C rite? LOL

p/s: It's Light Pink actually but it looks like bland white wall in this picture..~sigh~ Maybe its time to change to DSLR Syuq. ahaks! 

*All Nippon Paint-related-photos has been borrowed from google and Nippon Paint Blobbies Facebook page..~with tiny tiny changes and some edit lalalala❤♪♫•


Anything personal, do whisper me at annursyuhadah@gmail.com <(=^.^=)y

  1. Sape nak join contest ni, klik SINI

  2. contest rupanya... all the best syuq! =)
    syuq sangat cntik.. =)

  3. baru aku nak tanya sejak bila ko buat entri bahasa omptuih ni...adehhhh....

  4. @Along Tapa

    hakhak..ak nak wat lam bhsa mlayu tapi nuffnang duk pakai bi je..tu pasal le jd omputis jap ni hee.. :P

  5. Anonymous07:29

    man! u good at advertising. guess u make lots of money with ur blog

  6. @Anonymous

    Hakhak xde la..cube2 nasib..mane tau kot ade rejeki..buleh bwk makeover tu ke rumah baru hee ^_^

  7. SyuQ :: wah..fiza ingat syuq dah tukar language kat blog..aduyaii..contest rupenye..hehe.. suke gak nippon paint..

  8. ur english sucks huahua..juz kidding

  9. @Sky Before Pinky

    hehe..jom2 join jugak..support nippon paint. tp td syuq chek status nuffnang, syu dah bukan gliterati member :(
    xtau nape sob..sob..kena kick..

  10. @along

    x kesah la sux ke tak sux..uihuhu.. janji org paham hakhak

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