Budgeting for your little one

As an expecting mum, it’s natural to be excited – if not a little overwhelmed – about preparing for your little one’s arrival. Looking through shops and magazines can give you the urge to buy every adorable thing for your little one, but it’s also important to weigh the necessity of these items.
Budgeting for your little one, travel gear, diapers,clothes, As an expecting mum, it’s natural to be excited – if not a little overwhelmed – about preparing for your little one’s arrival.

Here is a short list on which items to get and which are niceties. But in the end, remember that it’s still your decision to make based on your circumstances and budget. Don’t feel bad if you have to prioritise certain items over the other. It’s alright to wait till later to make your decision for certain items like bouncer seats – you might even find that you don’t need them at all!


Get basic sets of onesies, tops and bottoms, and bibs in various sizes. Your little one will be growing out of these clothes eventually, so anticipate further into the future and get sizes for older age groups as well. You can invest in fancier clothes later, such as party outfits and cute costumes when your little one is old enough to have preferences. The weather is also something to consider when shopping for your little one. Temperatures can run high in Malaysia, so invest in some sleeveless tops and cute shorts or skirts for your little one to comfortably run around in.

One budget alternative to consider is hand-me-downs. If you have relatives or friends who would like to pass their children’s clothes to yours, don’t feel shy about dressing your little one in pre-loved clothes! They tend to be more comfortable because they’ve been worn in and washed multiple times, and can prevent discomfort or itching for your little one. Plus, it’s a great way to prevent waste and save up!


There are two types of diapers you can consider – cloth or disposable. In terms of comfort, there isn’t really a difference between the two. They do a good job of keeping your little one healthy and happy as long as the diapers are changed when they're full.

The main difference is the convenience of disposable diapers and the low cost of cloth diapers. If you foresee a busy schedule – due to circumstances like going back to work after maternity – you can opt for disposable diapers. As with clothes, your little can outgrow diaper sizes too, so do stock up on different sizes ahead of time!
If you have the time or an extra pair of hands, you can save up and opt for cloth diapers which can last several children (if you’re planning for a bigger family) and more than a few washes. Cloth diapers these days are better designed – they fit snugly and have waterproof bands to prevent leaks, but they aren’t as absorbent as disposable ones so they’ll need to be changed more often.

Travel gear

The key thing to remember when shopping for strollers is utility. Where will you use the stroller, and for how long? Your lifestyle and even long-term factors like having more children in the future can help you decide what types of strollers to invest in.

For example, if you’re going to travel a lot with your little one, invest in a travel system stroller that doubles up as a car seat. If you plan on taking your little one for jogs in the park, consider a jogging stroller, or jogger, that has different handling and safety designs to suit an active parent’s lifestyle. And if your little one is a bit more grown up, you may want to get an umbrella stroller that is suitable for older children, a little easier on the wallet, and convenient for travel due to its light weight and foldable design (hence the name).
There are different strollers built for different purposes, and you can ask a sales representative which type of stroller will best fit your needs. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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