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.:: 1987's | MommyBlogger | Can call me Mamy Syu ::.

mommy blogger mommy blogger malaysia mommy blogger mom influncer Hye I'm Syu, a Malaysian part-time mommy blogger
with 3 kids, Naufal, Nufael, Hawraa.
 People keep asking me.. "Can meyh? Blog and at the same time have career and family commitments?"
 Okay. I tell you what.
Blogging is just requires a very little hard work but to
survive, you need a lot of patience.
 Yeah babe! Patience.
 Well it's not easy to build a large network of blogosphere in a very short period. Quality content is not the only matters.
Blogging is about building relations with people
and the hardest part is to maintain the silaturrahim (relations) itself.
Lucky me! because being introduced to blogger networking like
 - #AFB and
BITERS network.
mom✿blog mom ✿

✿   Being in such positive circles
will help you to keep the momentum to grow bigger. As long as you remain humble and friendly to everyone, you will go farther along than
you can expect in your blogging career.
 And the last but not least, dont forget to respect copyrights and blog only to spread knowledge and love. Wishing you all a happy blogging!
Don't give up and keep blogging humbly.
๐“œ๐“ช๐“ถ๐”‚ ๐“ข๐”‚๐“พ
 #MamySyu #MalaysianMommyBlogger

mommy blogger mommy blogger malaysia mommy blogger mom influncer

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